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The 11+ exam is an entrance qualification for students entering independent secondary schools, including the top London schools.The exam and placement is highly competitive

The 13+ exam is a competitive entrance exam for those wishing to enter independent secondary schools at year 9. It is more advanced than the 11+, and as well as English and Maths, top schools traditionally test science, French, Latin, history, geography and religious studies.

Wright Tutors provides:

•    tutors which have experience in 11+ and 13+ tuition and helping students gain entrance to many top secondary schools including; Godolphin and Latymer, Haberdashers, Dulwich College and City of London school for girls.
•    tutors which bespoke tuition for the exam and have a high success rate of preparing students for entry to the top schools.

Meet one of our 11+/13+ tutor

Luke Bromley

Tutors: 11+/13+ English, Maths, A-Level Music


Luke graduated from the University of York in 2004 with a First Class Honours in Music and  completed an MPhil in Musicology at Cambridge in 2005. Luke has over 8 years experience teaching English in the UK, Europe and China and is a dedicated and creative professional tutor.

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