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The 7+ assessment is a competitive selection exam used by a number of top Prep schools in England for entry into Year 3.The exam primarily tests Maths and English, but now most schools include a Reasoning paper containing Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. If high marks are attained in the exam, the pupil will be invited to an interview by the school. 


These exams are very competitive and a considerable amount of study is required to pass the exam at the top prep schools, as not all pre-prep schools are geared towards the 7+ exam.

Wright Tutors provides:

•    tutors that give the correct support and preparation that will give the student the best opportunity to pass the 7+ exam and gain entry to the desired school
•    tailored tuition towards the needs of the student
•    a fun learning environment


Top London prep schools which our 7+ tutors have prepared students for include:


Bute House, City of London School for Girls, Colet Court, King's College School, North London Collegiate School, South Hampstead High School and Sussex House.

Meet one of our 7+ Tutors

Lynette O’Leary

Tutors: 7+/8+ English, Maths, A-Level Politics


Lynette is an enthusiastic  and professional English,  German and Politics tutor. Lynette studied International History and Politics at Leeds University and went on to qualify as a teacher in 2011. Lynette has tutored English throughout Europe and has established herself as one of our brightest young tutors.

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