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The A-Level exam is a national exam in the UK. The grades are vital to gain entrance to the top universities in the country and A-Level revision can be a very stressful period.


Hiring an A-Level tutor can be beneficial for the student to gain confidence in their weaker subjects, and give them the best chance of attaining high A-Level grades. With the A-level pass rate decling in recent years, finding a tutor to help with A-Level revision can be vital to the student's success in the lead up to the exams.

Wright Tutors provides:


  • A-level Maths tutors

  • A-Level English tutors

  • A-Level Biology tutors

  • A-Level Psychology tutors

  • A-Level History tutors

  • A-Level Chemistry tutors

  • A-Level Physics tutors

  • A-Level Geography tutors

Meet one of our A-Level tutors

Danielle Sinclair-Davies

Tutors: A-Level English, Maths, Biology, French


Danielle is a tutor with over 10 years experience.  Danielle studied English Literature at Oxford  and tutors a variety of subjects to A-Level standard. Danielle’s record of tutoring students through exams is exemplary, and she is one of the most committed tutors in the industry.

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