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The GCSE exam is a national exam in the UK. The grades are vital to gain entrance to the top colleges in the country and GCSE revision can be a very stressful period in a young students life. As there are a wide range of subjects there are often areas and topics that students feel less confident in, and this can cause frustration.


Hiring a GCSE tutor can be beneficial for the student to gain confidence in their weaker subjects, and give them the best chance of attaining high GCSE grades. Finding a tutor to help with GCSE revision can be vital to the student's success in the lead up to the exams

Wright Tutors provides core subject tutors:


  • GSCE English tutor

  • GSCE Maths tutor

  • GCSE Science tutor

  • GCSE Geography tutor

  • GCSE History tutor


and optional subject tutors:


  • GCSE French tutor

  • GCSE German tutor

  • GCSE Music tutor

  • GSCE Art Tutor

Meet one of our GCSE tutors

Donald Lewis

Tutors: GCSE English, History


Donald is a highly experienced and passionate English and history tutor with over 10 years experience preparing students for GCSE English and History exams. Donald spent several years teaching in Madrid and successfully tutored students through university entrance and IELTs exams.

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