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David Wright 

Managing Director


Wright Tutors' founder David Wright studied History at St Mary's University College in London before working in the childcare sector as a recruitment consultant for Regency Nannies International, Knightsbridge.

In 2009 David qualified to become a teacher and dedicated the following 4 years to teaching English throughout Europe and Russia. There he taught in primary schools, state schools and private academies as a Director of Studies and core syllabus writer. During this time he developed his unique approach to teaching which he now applies to Wright Tutors.
David oversees the recruitment process and personally interviews all candidates to make sure they meet the requirements and understand the philosophy of Wright Tutors.

Aigul Davletshina

Head of Marketing and International Relations

In 2011 Aigul graduated from Kazan State University with a degree in Marketing, Communications and International Relations. During her studies in 2005, she began working in the field of human resources as a recruitment manager at City Life Recruitment in Kazan and later that year became development manager and headed the department. In 2010 Aigul became head of marketing and international relations at Kamal Theatre, the oldest national theatre in Russia, and lead the department until 2015.


Aigul believes that company image today is not just about the logo and website, it is what the company stands for. It is this belief that underlies Wright Tutors philosophy for being approachable, caring, and dedicated to quality and security.

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