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Wright Tutors is proud to be in partnership with Regency Nannies. Regency Nannies is a leading London Nanny agency with a professional worldwide service providing qualified Nannies and governesses to high-profile clients since 1983. Regency Nannies is listed in “The Good Nanny Guide” and by the prestigious Portland Hospital as a recommended agency.


Our partnership has lead to the establishment of our VIP Nannies. This is a service for trusted and high-profile clients to find the best Nannies and Governesses in London, UK and worldwide.


We recruit the top domestic and international Nannies including Norland Nannies and Nannies with experience working for international Royal families for clients in London, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, USA, Monaco, Switzerland, Oman and Russia.

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The partnership of the agencies has brought together over 30 years of recruitment experience in both domestic and international placements, and our goal is to use this experience to recruit the best Nannies and governesses and provide a VIP service to all of our clients. Our professional and friendly team are always on hand to assist with any queries in English and Russian.

Approved and recommended by:

Member of The Federation of Recruitment & Employment Services
Regency Nannies is listed as an approved agency for security checking by 'Civil & Corporate UK'.
Regency Nannies is recommended by 'The Good Nanny Guide'.
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